Critical Film Review Of Time Code

Time Code is an interesting film  directed by Mike Figgis. It was nominated for two main awards, Chlotrudis Award and the DVD Exclusive Awards.Released in 2000, It’s initial impact on the film industry was interesting due to it’s construction of four continuos0 90 minute takes that were filmed simultaneously by four cameramen; the screen is divided into quarters and the four shots are shown all together, four frames rolled into one larger split up frame. The dialogue was largely improvised, and the sound mix of the film is designed so that the most significant of the four sequences on screen dominates the soundtrack at any given moment. The other unique quality to this film is that it was shot on a videotape. To me the most intriguingly interesting point about this film is the fact that it’s one of the first movies to be shot simultaneously on four digital cameras, all in one take, meaning that the actors are some what forced to act without a pause for the duration of the movie and many people/top film critics call this type of film shooting theatre and this is part of the major discussion/upheaval surrounding this oddly entertaining  film.

In my opinion Time Code was one of the first films of its kind to break the barrier of  creative film making compared to the standard straight forward films which don’t make the viewer engage overly with the film as they watch it, where as Time Code takes the viewers eyes through the main frame by flitting around using the four smaller frames, this could also be known as the frame within a frame technique. Following on from this I found the use of audio uniquely interesting as it guided the viewer through the film, and in some ways showed which frame to focus there main attention on at certain points just by the audio becoming more amplified in volume. All in all I found this film enjoyably inspiring. Bellow is a link to the trailer for Time Code.



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