Artefact – Research

When I first brainstormed some initial ideas to do for my artefact part of  my personal professional development module I came up with the possibilities below.

  • Reviewing different restaurants in and around Coventry.
  • An article based on Coventry’s night life.
  • Reviewing films in the cinema.
  • Writing a personal performance plan to improve my fitness in general and to improve my standard of Hockey for university, Coventry city club and home club Canterbury.
  • An article from a ‘fresher’ students point of view based on the life of a student and the drinking culture at university.
  • A small bibliography about moving from living in the countryside all of my life and then moving to a city 3 hours away and the adjustments I went through as an individual to climatise to the the different surroundings and general life I found myself living.
For my artefact I have chosen to produce an article (with imagery) from a ‘fresher’ students point of view based on the life of a student and the drinking culture at university. With this piece  I intend to produce an article which will express what I have gone through as I have lived my first year away from home in student accommodation at university. I shall also be writing about the new relationships I have made with complete strangers who I now class as some of my truly close friends. Also the amount of time & what I have learned at university  and what I feel has broadened my perspective as an individual over this academic year. Finally I will be incorporating the booze culture which is so readily debated, written and generally spoken about around  the globe, and how it has been multiplied over the years to become a key feature within many peoples thoughts and discussions around students and university.


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