Digital Dissemination – Lecture

What is Dissemination ? ………

The opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate.

The digital era has changed many a thing within the arts world, ranging from the use of internet to broadcast and often promote individuals and the work that they have produced.  Following on from this if something (i.e. a photograph, painting, sculpture, or even an owned item) has an ora, it is said to have a sense of authenticity, meaning that it holds an original quality. However when an image is reproduced so much, (as it is in todays society) it often looses its’s authenticity resulting in the viewer being slightly disappointed as the TRUE image would not be as spectacular in the flesh as first thought.

In my opinion a great example of this loss of authenticity is the graffiti artist Banksy who’s works are well known world wide, and readily re produced world wide that many people who go to look at some of his works in galleries or on the internet or even in books do not realise that what they are actually viewing is not Banksys true works as they are just copies of copies mainly due to the artists works being a type of street art which is classed as vandalism and there for he keeps himself unanimous to the general public and the wider world community. Where as the true  Banksys works with there original qualities and ora about them can be spotted in various big cites mainly London.

Bellow the first image shows a Banksy rat stencil in it’s true originality, and bellow it an image of many Banksy duplicates in a gallery.


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