Artificial Light Workshop

For the first time in my life I think I may actually be starting to understand fully how to set the aperture, shutter speed, and the ISO when photographing anything be it a landscape, a portrait of a subject an object of some convenience or even a lonely dog poo left on the street. However I still find myself struggling with using a light meter, hopefully with use I shall be able to develop a good understanding to what the numbers its giving back to me directly mean to the quality of the lighting within the frame I am trying to capture.

Here are what I have translated apeture, shutter speed and ISO into;

1) Aperture – a high aperture means that more of the frame will be in focus where as a low aperture means that less of the frame will be in focus and this is called depth of field.

2) Shutter Speed – Fast shutter speed captures moving subjects still and a slow shutter speed can create the effect of  motion blur.

3) ISO – Refers to the films sensitivity to light (how long the film has to be exposed for) a low ISO means the film has to be exposed to light for longer and a hight ISO means that the film requires much less light to be at the correct exposure.

After finally beginning to understand all of the above, I started to gain better results in the studio, (using the studio lights) and using the traveling ‘on’ location lights. However at the moment I think I shall be working In black and white for a bit, as In my opinion Its easier to see the different tones of light within the image and If  its well balanced out.


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