Pinhole Photographer Justin Quinnell

As I researched pinhole photography, my initial findings made me come across artist Justin Quinnell who has done many interesting projects for personal benefits, and the wider community, where he has actually included his local residents & employers in Bristol, within the project,’Sunrise’. This project began in March 2010 and finished in June the same year.

The backbone to the project was based upon the Spring Solstice which  occurs over the months Quinnell decided to start and end this project. He designed 450 pinhole cameras which could withstand some of the british climate (weather) and could produce a relatively good quality of imagery after being exposed for 3 whole months.

After the 3 months where up and the cameras where being ‘harvested’ Quinnell received 120 camera back and gained 95 useable visually dynamic imagery .The whole project was funded by Knowle West Media.

Over all I truly admire the thought processes behind this project and I find the final selection of imagery that Quinnell posted up on his website highly inspiring, in my opinion the selection of photos that incorporate a degree of reflection within the frame make them far more visually interesting and pleasing to view.


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