Project Evaluation

At the start of this project I knew that I wanted to produce imagery based around the art movement ‘minimalism’ and although many people seem to think that minimalism is an easy movement to work from and base ideas around, I can now personally counter act that argument, due to working with it for a three or so months. I can truly say that it was not easy to stop my work from becoming dull and quite frankly boring, so I came to the conclusion that basing my imagery around some sort of narrative would increase the interest for the viewer, meaning that I would have grasped the attention of many of the general public in today’s society.


This is why I decided to base my whole project around being dyslexic, due to there being so many people in the world who are dyslexic themselves. I feel that It can comfort some of the viewers, making them feel less alone like I did do before I embarked on this project, where as now I don’t feel quite as embarrassed and foolish to ask a few more questions, and talk about what I find hard and what I do not understand. Also finding out that there are others on the same course as me who struggle with being dyslexic and talking about it to other people, for fear of being called thick and many other things, it seems to have made me more determined to produce this final piece, especially in the way I wanted which involved mainly text for me as that is what I struggle with the most, especially after coming to university and having to face the challenge of philosophical art essays and working more as an independent individual.


Over all I am pleased with the final outcome of this project, but I would have liked to have taken the photo collage aspect of my research (from which the inspiration came from photographer and artist John Clang) further on to produce a large scale collage of selected aspects of text, maths and anything in general which a collaboration of dyslexic people struggle with. This would also involve more talking and open discussion about individuals deep feelings surrounding the often branded ‘thick’ disability which intern can mentally and emotionally heal some of the past experiences.




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