London Trip with My Homies !

Initially the day started with a rather long trek around London trying to find Viktor Wynd’s, Little Shop Of Horrors. In my opinion the only way to describe the shop/exhibition of wired and quite frankly STRANGE, yet intriguing things is on the back of the leaflet I was given upon entering the shop;

In the deepest darkest Hackney, nestling in the very heart one of the greatest centres of deprivation & poverty in Europe, protected by a small sign on the door stating,”no poor people”, lurks Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors, a vainglorious attempt to recreate a 17th Century  Kunstkamera, underground a basement soaked blood red. In old museum cabinets lurks a collection of wonder inspiring objects, recreating a sense of the aesthetic that judges objects purely on what they look like, juxtapositioning modern sex toys with antique dolls, anatomical specimens, skulls and ivory carvings, carnivorous plants with mortuary tables, mac Donald’s happy toys, tin toys and ivory phalluses, shrunken heads, Dayak head hunter skulls, erotica, Auroch fossils, Renaissance engravings, Tilandsia, etc.  WHAT MORE COULD ONE DEMAND FIR DOMESTIC BLISS?

To find out more the website is –

Although I found some of the things I saw and found in this oddly unusual place interesting and often amusing to read i still feel that they have broadened my horizons and opened my eyes a little as to what some people would class as art ! Above and bellow are some pictures of the artefacts at the little shop of HORRORS.


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