First Shoot

With this initial Photo Shoot It stemed out of me trying to understand and some how read these philosophical art essays, which use big wordy phrases that I don’t even understand or know what they mean, and after a while I ended up getting so frustrated that I screwed up my notes that I had so carefully written out and tried to throw it out the window, all because one of my flat mates came in and started taking the mick out of me being dyslexic and not being able to understand or even read many of the big impressive words that the clever, extremely educated writers had used. After I had calmed down a little and actually looked at where the screwed up piece of paper had landed, the thought came to me to document how I still feel about being dyslexic, in my own way, almost creating my own personal narrative of feelings depicted through a roughed up dogeared single sheet of paper with my incredibly personal feeling which I have never spoken to anyone about before.





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