Assignment 1 – ProjectProposal

Assignment 1 Project Proposal


After reading Michael Freied’s essay titled,  “Shape and Form”, which talks about Frank Stella’s new paintings  I have decided to look more in-depth at the art movement Minimalism for my main project this term. I intend to try and answer a few of the  questions surrounding minimalism as an art movement, and the many questions and queries revolving around the actual art produced from this movement, such as;


How is it art ?

Is there any beauty within the art produced ?

What is the artist trying to tell the viewer?

What skills and techniques does the artist use to create his or hers works?


Initially I will look deeper into Frank Stella’s works by using books from the library, the internet and by talking to practicing artists who have heard or seen some of his works. I shall then be moving on to looking at photographers who produce works based around the same key components of minimalism. Below is a small selection of photographers I am intending to research in greater depth :

Gary Gakout, Christian Memetic, Ryan Bowman, Wilfried and many more.




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